(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The Doyle River Cabin edition

We’d been planning the escape for months: Me, Steve and eight runner-friends were scheduled to camp at Doyle River Cabin, a Potomac Appalachian Trail Club primitive cabin in the southern portion of Shenandoah National Park. Despite the throat infection I’ve been whining about for days, I decided not to abandon those plans. After all, SNP is one of the most healing places I know of.

With its big porch and stone fireplace, this may have been our favorite PATC cabin yet:

I spent a lot of time reading and journaling on this rock:

Steve and I took our time driving home, and stopped at every overlook to watch the sunset:

Also, a throat update: My doctor on Monday sent me home with antibiotics, a hard-core nasal spray and a prescription cough syrup that is Everclear to NyQuil’s peach schnapps. So I’m feeling much better now, thanks!


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2 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The Doyle River Cabin edition

  1. Lovely! I was hoping you’d post on your cabin camping. That looks just perfect.

  2. Wow, looks like a great trip! And I hope you are feeling better soon.-

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