Motivation Monday: The ‘motivational quotes for injured athletes’ edition

Back in March 2010, I posted a short list of motivational quotes for injured athletes on this blog. I was recovering from a fractured wrist that had to be surgically repaired, which left me in pain and unable to run, swim and otherwise live normally for months.

Wearing the SpongeBob-esque contraption that immobilized my wrist post-surgery.

I had no idea then that the comments portion of that post would become a virtual support group for injured athletes of all stripes, from basketball players with torn Achilles tendons to softball players with ACL tears to lacrosse players with traumatic brain injuries—you name it.

In the beginning, I responded to the calls for comfort and wisdom myself, offering whatever small, insufficient words of consolation I could. But before long, the athletes who posted on that page started consoling each other, starting conversations about what it means to be an athlete, to get hurt, and to heal. I’ve been lucky enough to get to sit back and watch.

I’m happy to say I’m not battling any injuries at the moment (knockonwood!), but I have been struggling to recover from a killer throat infection, which came in the wake of a week of Montezuma’s revenge last month. I’ve also been wallowing in a bit of self-pity about the unfair amount of germs coming my way this fall. Reading through the comments on the original “motivational quotes for injured athletes” post helped put my little head cold in perspective. It also reminded me of two sentiments that run through all the comments: Injuries happen. And people heal.

What have you learned from your injuries?


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2 responses to “Motivation Monday: The ‘motivational quotes for injured athletes’ edition

  1. Ann

    To be ever so much more kind to myself. I am so tired of injuries but they happen to all of us and we get through them. There is no reason to beat myself up while I am already down.

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