Motivation Monday: The ‘adapt and overcome’ edition

Today was my first workout “back” after being sidelined for more than a week thanks to a throat infection, which came on the heels of a stomach bug that forced an equally long training hiatus. The workout, a Tabata-style TRX class, left me feeling totally spent, but also more energetic and alive than I have for weeks.

Returning to training also meant sitting down and taking a hard look at the rubble my Philadelphia Half-Marathon training plan has been reduced to, despite the fact that I managed to squeee in a seven-miler and a few shorter runs between bouts of sickness. The resulting training plan looks like this:

Though I’m still disappointed that factors totally out of my control prevented me from training for this race the way I wanted to, I’m also feeling motivated and encouraged to see that there’s still time to piece together a plan to get me comfortably to the finish line on Nov. 18. Adapt and overcome, right?


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2 responses to “Motivation Monday: The ‘adapt and overcome’ edition

  1. You’re gonna run well, I just feel it. Great attitude as always Amy!

  2. Ann

    Experience goes a long way. You will do fine. Sometimes not pushing through a program becomes a blessing. Good luck Amy.

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