Bethesda Magazine’s Since You Asked: A plea for questions about lower Montgomery County

So you know how sometimes, in the middle of a long run, you spot something so bizarre and interesting, it occupies your thoughts for miles? An example: While running a 20-miler on Sligo Creek Trail a couple years ago, I spotted a sign noting that the Vegetarian Society of D.C. was responsible for keeping that stretch of trail neat and clean. Vegetarian Society of D.C.? I thought as I passed it. Wait. What?

If you’re anything like me, you never get around to looking up what the thing you saw is all about. (What does the Vegetarian Society of D.C. do, exactly? Advocacy? Cooking classes? Fellowship? I didn’t know until I finally hit up its website for this blog post.)

Sound familiar? Do I have the deal for you!

OK, used-car-salesperson tactics aside, I write a bi-monthly column for Bethesda Magazine called Since You Asked, in which readers ask questions about curious things in lower Montgomery County and upper NW D.C., and I find answers. All the questions are interesting (the next issue will include an answer to the question: “Pooks Hill, FDR and the exiled Swedish princess. What’s the story?”). But it really makes my life when people ask about local parks or trails (like the Bethesda Trolley Trail or the Capital Crescent Trail, which once carried a rail line that transported stone to build the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington National Cathedral!), or about other points of interest spotted while cycling, running or otherwise adventuring.

The Capital Crescent Trail, which has a fascinating history. Photo credit: Bethesda Magazine.

So please consider this an invitation. Are you a resident of lower Montgomery County who’s spotted anything interesting or curious while running, cycling, swimming or adventuring in lower Montgomery County? Ask me, and I’ll dig up the answer and print it in an upcoming edition of Bethesda Magazine! Send it to me at amy.reinink (at), or to the magazine directly at sinceyouasked (at), including your name and city of residence.

Not a Montgomery County resident? Pass it along to friends who are!

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One response to “Bethesda Magazine’s Since You Asked: A plea for questions about lower Montgomery County

  1. That’s such a cool idea! It must be interesting finding out those random tid-bits from around MoCo.

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