(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Pine Barrens edition

I spent Columbus Day weekend exploring a bizarre and fascinating region: New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. Stay tuned for my Backpacker Magazine story about our 15-ish-mile backpacking route along the Batona Trail (cleverly named BaToNa for Back to Nature). For now, enjoy these photos:

We headed into the woods on a beautiful fall day.

We thought the pancake-flat trail would be easy. Six hours of this view, and hiking through deep sand, is not easy.

We got occasional views of the Batsto River. We were grateful for these views.

We were awfully grateful to get to our camp that night.

And even more grateful to reach our stopping point at Apple Pie Hill, where an old radio tower gave us incredible views.

The Pine Barrens: Named as such for a reason.


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3 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Pine Barrens edition

  1. Lovely! Thanks for discovering and sharing a new hike. Though sand does NOT sound like much fun to hike through. So tiring!

  2. The Pine Barrens! Did you run into Stephanie Plum?

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