Motivation Monday: The “autumn in D.C.” edition

Every place has its season, and D.C.’s is now, when our hot, sticky summer gives way to refreshingly cool fall. If you need any other reason to go for a run than the sight of brilliant fall leaves, the sound of those leaves crunching under your feet and the feel of chilly air on your face, I’m not sure *what* will motivate you.

I want to go run on this *right now.*

Feeling tired or bored mid-run? Look up at the bursts of color lining your path.

Running through fall leaves = all the fun of jumping in a pile of just-raked leaves, without the raking.

What’s motivating you this week?


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6 responses to “Motivation Monday: The “autumn in D.C.” edition

  1. katekirk

    Had the loveliest nine-miler yesterday after returning from 10 days in South Carolina, where it’s still quite green. Fall is my favorite time of year in DC, and that I’ve finished my important racing for the year and am now just enjoying maintenance (a couple nonchalant 10ks here and there), it is AWESOME šŸ™‚

  2. These pictures are fantastic. Where is this trail?

    • It’s in Greenbrier State Park, near Annapolis Rocks (near Boonsboro, Md.), where we actually backpacked and camped last weekend. Would make a nice runner-road trip some nice weekend day!

  3. liz

    DC in the fall is the best. I will spend as much time as I can in Rock Creek Park until the leaves fall off.

  4. Gorgeous. After a soul-sucking 12 miles on the Prince William Parkway Sunday, I finished my run on a half mile section of shaded trail. What a treat. Sun-baked asphalt gave way to soft footing amidst colorful foliage. The wind ceased to be a foe and became a comforting cool breeze and the sounds of traffic were lost in my leaf-crunching footfalls. I almost cried thinking of the trail runs I’ve missed this season. I’ll be glad to get back after MCM!

  5. Casey

    I love the fall in this area. The air is finally breathable and you can enjoy being outside!

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