Motivation Monday: The bionic patroller edition

On Saturday night, Steve and I hosted a party for our ski-patrol candidate class to celebrate the end of a successful ski season (OK, I was mostly just celebrating it being over … but we all had fun and ate cake, so same difference, right?).

Brownie cake with homemade buttercream frosting heals all wounds.

It was great getting to see our classmates, with whom we’ve shared dozens upon dozens of intense, stressful nights over the past year, in a more relaxed setting. Even better, a few of the instructors who volunteered their time over the past year to teach us made the trip to Silver Spring to help us celebrate.

One of our classmates had the thoughtful idea to bring awards for everyone. Steve won “rig pig,” for responding to more injury accidents, or “wrecks,” than anyone else. I won “bionic patroller,” for having more body parts made of titanium than anyone else.

Earlier that day, I had a glorious, triumphant run-walk with a friend. At the time, it felt effortless and smooth. On Sunday morning, though, I woke up sore and swollen, which led to some serious self-pitying.

As I half-limped into the kitchen to make myself an espresso, I caught a glimpse of our two awards hanging from our corkboard. Imagining myself as some sort of gimpy superhero had two effects: I laughed at myself (always healthy!), and I realized that a gimpy superhero … is still a superhero.

Also motivating me this week:

The video of Heather Dorniden’s 600-meter dash in the Big 10 Indoor Track championship a couple years ago. Because the cheers are loudest after she falls, then picks herself back up again.

Everyone’s experiences at the National Marathon and National Half Marathon on Saturday. Reading about how all my running buddies tackled the early hills, cruised down the late flats and generally triumphed over physical and emotional hardships to make the race happen brings back good memories of my own experience at the National Half in 2009. Congrats to all finishers—you guys are amazing!

What’s motivating you this week?


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2 responses to “Motivation Monday: The bionic patroller edition

  1. I am motivated by finally punching the half marathon in the face. The road ahead looks much easier with that checked off.

    Also, brownie cake sounds brilliant!

  2. amy

    I hadn’t read this when I posted The Race video yesterday. That is definitely inspiring me to let last weekend’s race go and gear up for what’s next!

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