My run-walking comeback

I’ve found a way to appreciate every step of your run that doesn’t require a trip to a Buddhist running camp, or require any annoying mindfulness exercises. It’s called run-walking, and it has a hidden benefit of being an excellent way to come back from an injury or other training hiatus.

Here’s how mine went last night:

A few runner-friends also rehabbing from injuries, illnesses and pregnancies (we kind of run the gamut) and I met our whole running group at Pacers Silver Spring for our regular group run last night. We set out on the planned route, alternating five minutes of walking with three of running, turning around to head home after about 15 minutes.

The magic is this: Every time we stopped running, I pouted, and wondered whether it had *really* been three minutes. And every time we got to the end of our five-minute walk, I was chomping at the bit to run again. It was like reliving the joy of the first minute of that first post-injury run over and over, and at the end, adding an extra 30 seconds or so felt like a treat—like someone had handed me an ice-cream sundae (I don’t know about you, but this is *not* the way I usually feel when I add time to the end of my run).

While running the heck out of a route serves as its own form of catharsis, I’m totally appreciating every step of my comeback.

Have you done this run-walking business? How did you transition back to full running? Did running only part of the time give you a new appreciation for the sport?


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4 responses to “My run-walking comeback

  1. liz

    I’ve never done run-walking, but I completely relate to that appreciation for running that comes with having an injury. It really makes you look at the sport differently!

  2. I spent 2 months rocking the walk-run last fall. It was awful and boring. And then one day I just stopped walking.

  3. amy

    Hmm. Maybe I should try this? Or go to that camp.

    Congrats on your progress!

  4. It sounds like a good sign that you were chomping at the bit to get back to running. I’ve never really tried run-walking when coming back from injury. I’ve gone the x-training and then transition to short runs route, but I’m not sure why. It seems like the run-walk makes a lot more sense!

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