New playlist: Don’t call it a comeback

In early February, I was licking my wounds and regrouping after my ACL reconstruction surgery, and I needed a playlist that took ownership of those wounds. I posted the Injured Reserve Playlist, and listened to songs geared toward the injured underdog as I coaxed my quad back to life and healed a badly bruised soul.

I’m still a long way from getting back to “normal,” and I’m still working my butt off in physical therapy to regain full function. But I’m starting to see real progress—yesterday, I did a run-walk to the post office during which I jogged for about 15 minutes! I could have gone faster had I walked, most likely, and today, I kind of have shin splints (yeah … the ones you get when you’ve never run before), but I felt a little bit like myself again. Here’s the playlist that will serve as the soundtrack to my comeback:

Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J. I love this one for the very obvious opening lines: “Don’t call it a comeback/I’ve been here for years.”

How You Like Me Now – The Heavy. The title alone implies improvement and forward motion!

More – Usher (Red One Jimmy Joker Remix). This is one of several songs I blatantly stole from a fantastic post from Katie at Run This Amazing Day. I like the same set of lyrics she does: “I’m a beast/I’m an animal/I’m that monster in the mirror.” I replayed the first 45 seconds of this song over and over while cranking out chest-press sets the other day. Rawr!
Raise Your Glass – P!nk Another one cribbed from Katie. I had heard this song before, but failed to notice the fabulous line “It’s so (expletive) on right now.” Play this at the beginning of a workout, and see if it doesn’t get you going.
Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang – Snoop Dogg – Same principle as above: ” ‘ Cause you know we ’bout to rip (expletive) up.” Is there a better mindset with which to head into a 5K?
Lose Yourself – Eminem. Every word is just awesome. Except for maybe the parts about needing to ditch your trailer-park momma, which really don’t apply here, even in a metaphorical sense.
Won’t Back Down – Eminem feat. P!nk. Who can resist P!nk growling: “And I WON’T! BACK! DOWN!” Not this girl.
Run Rabbit – Eminem. This should be on every runner’s forever playlist. I can’t even post a single line without bleeping out the whole thing, so just check out the lyrics relating to clocks and watches and races, and get a laugh out of the fact that it’s also a good writing song.
Beautiful Day – Matt Darey, Sunburst Mix. Because I appreciate those beautiful days a little bit more after being laid up and unable to go play outside.
The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco. First, I love the idea that the show, indeed, goes on. And the lyrics: “Go on and put your hands up/When times are hard you stand up.” Great for a comeback in running, or in life. Plus, who doesn’t love that Modest Mouse song it’s a take on?
How We Do – Mount Sims. There’s nothing motivational about this song. In fact, try not to listen to the lyrics too carefully. As the aforementioned Katie said, sometimes, all it takes is a good, trashy beat.


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7 responses to “New playlist: Don’t call it a comeback

  1. Jesse Kornblum

    Ah, P!nk; perfect for every occasion.

    The top of my playlist has been taken over by “Roman’s Revenge” by Nicki Minaj and Eminem. The song is not work-safe: com/watch?v=K9h_I90M8-M

    rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon!

  2. AMEN, sister. I’m going to steal some of these for my playlist for, erm, tomorrow. You’re a BEAST!!!

  3. Nice playlist. I always listen to Run Rabbit when it comes on my ipod. I like how it’s just 3 straight minutes of rapping, no chorus, no hooks just straight to the point…plus it’s a good beat.

  4. Liz

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I’ve been looking for new workout music ever after I stopped working out and started again … so yes. Thank you!

  5. haha. you have such a gangster side… all good pump-up hits though.

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