Race report: Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot

He was happy at the start line. We have the picture to prove it.


H at the start of the Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot in Saratoga Springs, NY.

We have no finish-line photos. If we did, you’d see a screaming toddler tearing off his mittens despite being freezing; a mama still wearing her toddler’s Elmo hat, which she put on in an unsuccessful bid to distract him; and a dada sprinting for the finish after the mama told him: “Open it up and finish this [expletive.]”

The whole family at the start of the Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot in Saratoga Springs, NY. The toddler is already skeptical that this is a good idea.

Let me back up. H and I ran a race together a couple months ago. He had so much fun, I wondered if I should find a 5K for us to run together every weekend.

But it is very cold outside now, and I have an outdoor-loving, mitten-hating kid. I also have a kid who (apparently) strongly dislikes the weather shield for his running stroller. I will spare you the play-by-play, but will simply tell you that my race at the the 16th Annual Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot consisted of one mile of jogging while singing “The Wheels on the Bus;” half a mile of walking while holding a cold, sad toddler (dada pushed the stroller alongside us); and a mile of flat-out sprinting to just END it already.

Everyone recovered after warming up and taking a nice, long nap. After H fell asleep for his well-deserved rest, I told my husband that I felt like a selfish jerk for dragging H along for the race. He reminded me of one of my favorite family mottos: “Mama, Dada and H are people who try things.” That was true before the race, and true now. Not that we’ll be trying a jingle bell 5K anytime soon …

I wanted to share this here because in running, parenting and life, it can’t all be puppies and unicorns, right?  Have you ever had a race like this? Share your horror story below.

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