How does your garden grow?

The metaphors for life are endless: You reap what you sow. Better soil yields better plants. Many things are out of your control—including both unhappy and happy surprises (the eternally disappointing bell pepper plants, the sunflowers that bloomed late and unexpectedly thrived).


I garden because I want to be reminded of all of this. I want to spend an afternoon getting dirty, sweaty and tired in the chilly, early days of spring so I can harvest a lazy summer dinner in the steamy days of summer. I want to spend the whole winter planning and the whole spring planting so that I can enjoy what feels like a healthy-living hack all summer.

I want to be surprised at the beauty of a squash blossom, and I want the reminder that nothing is permanent—not the long, cold winter and not the bountiful harvest.


Do you garden? If so, how did your garden grow this year?

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