Training for Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash

Sometimes, if I’m feeling saucy after signing up for an open-water swim, I results-stalk previous participants to gauge my perceived changes of winning my age group, or winning overall. I decided to do so with the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim, which I recently registered to participate in for the fourth time.

I clicked on the 2012 results first, finding that the winner completed the 5K in 1:08:28.1. Speedy. I looked to the left side of the page, and learned that the winner’s name was Brooke Bennett. As in, the three-time Olympic gold medalist (and distance-freestyle specialist) Brooke Bennett. You know—the one who plans to compete in the 2016 Olympics for open-water swimming. Heh. Gotcha.

I poked around more, finding that the age-group winners for previous years looked beatable. I lingered on 2010, and thought: “1:31:58. I could probably top that.” My eyes scanned to the left side of the page, where the swimmer’s name and age would appear.

Picture 1

Folks, it was me. I had unwittingly guided my attention back to the only thing that matters: My internal goals and dreams, and how a given race feels to swim, as opposed to who I can or can’t beat on a given day. Sometimes, the universe works in mysterious ways. Other times, the universe is like a hand steering a Ouija board, spelling out the road back to our values.


The real reason I do these swims: Views like this one, captured pre-race last year.

In other news, training for the swim is going quite well. My regular Tuesday-morning swim date and I discovered a terrific pyramid that slays 3,200 yards without you even noticing it. We call it the Super Pyramid, and you swim the following yards up—> 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400—then swim it in reverse back down. The 350s and 400 hurt in the best way possible.


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3 responses to “Training for Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash

  1. Jesse Kornblum

    On my screen, the first line was cut to read, “Training for Daiquiri”. This is a cause we can get behind!

  2. runninarounduptown

    Ha! That’s classic. I do the same thing, despite leaving myself reminders on my bike or running shoes to “run your own race”. My competitive nature is something that I embrace. 🙂
    One of these years, I’m going to do this race with you! Thanks for the pyramid tip, that’s a tough one.

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