Last Moreau Lake swim of the summer


Summer, we hardly knew ye!

The photo above is from my last swim with Saratoga Triathlon Club at Moreau Lake last Thursday night. Don’t let the wetsuits in the photo fool you—the water was at least 74 degrees, which proved the perfect complement to the rapidly cooling air.

When I got home from the swim, the first winter issue of SKI magazine was waiting for me. A few short days later, Lynsey Dyer released the new trailer for her amazing movie, Pretty Faces. I’m beyond stoked.

<p><a href=”″>Unicorn Picnic |

But I’m not ready to give up my open-water swimming bliss just yet. In a last-ditch effort to hang onto summer, I booked a trip to Florida to see my mom and to swim in the 12th Annual Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash on Oct. 4.


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