Marine Corps Marathon 10K playlist

Just a few more days until I line up for the MCM 10K! That means it’s time to get all my important race-day stuff in order—namely, my playlist. The one below will last for about 50 minutes. I’m anticipating somewhere between 54 and 60 minutes (don’t judge—my pace during training runs has been slow and inconsistent, and I really can’t say where I’ll fall on race day), which means I’ll go back and listen to my favorites again (Crunchy Joe, In for the Kill, Otis).

Any awesome running songs I should add to the mix? Let me know by posting a comment!

Going the Distance – Cake

Fireworks – Animal Collective

Dull Life – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Lucifer – Jay-Z

Lynguistics – Cunninlynguists

Crunchy Joe – Goldfish

In for the Kill – La Roux

Otis – Kanye West & Jay-Z

Roman’s Revenge – Nicki Minaj & Eminem

Fight the Power – Public Enemy

Brush Your Hair – Goldfish

Til I Collapse – Eminem

Running the full marathon? Check out my 26.2 playlist, and other MCM resources, here.



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2 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon 10K playlist

  1. 2012 (the remix)
    All I Do Is Win


  2. I was just thinking I need to update my iPod, so I am going to be stealing your list!

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