Motivation Monday: (Another) Marine Corps Marathon edition

Ever since we moved to Washington three years ago, I’ve greeted this weekend with excitement and motivation—it’s Marine Corps Marathon time again!

Can't you just feel yourself running through the famous arches at the start?

My first year here, I ran the full Marine Corps Marathon. Last year, I wised up—ahem, opted out—and did the 10K instead. This year, I’m again running the shorter distance, though at this point of my training, it might as well be a full marathon.

I’ve been training for the 10K since September. By training, I mean running every other day, cross-training on off-days, increasing my mileage to at least 10K distance on long runs and running hills with purpose. I’m choosing to—or at least trying to—approach this race, which will almost certainly not be my fastest, with the grace and enthusiasm of a beginner. Still, I’m motivated by the training I’ve done, and by my incredible friends signed up for the marathon, including seven-timer Ultra Runner Girl.

With that motivation in mind, I’d like to share some of the posts that helped me prepare for the full marathon in 2009:

Spectator’s guide

How to avoid Marine Corps Marathon taper tantrums

The ultimate Marine Corps Marathon playlist

Marine Corps Marathon countdown: visualizing miles one through five

Marine Corps Marathon Countdown: visualizing miles five through 10

Marine Corps Marathon Countdown: visualizing miles 10 through 15

Marine Corps Marathon countdown: visualizing miles 15 through 20

What motivated me to finish

Marine Corps Marathon: Lessons learned, one year later


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  1. Wait, this is only #5. (only!) 🙂 Thanks for your always invaluable MCM links, thoughts and advice. GOOD LUCK at the 10k – I have a feeling you just might surprise yourself!

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