May by the numbers

50: Kilometers swam in the month of May, thanks to the terrific #50KinMay challenge (and the Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim, which gave me a reason to attempt 50K in May).

10,5000: Meters swam in the past 24 hours to achieve #50KinMay before I leave for Colorado to run the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday. Many thanks to the lovely and speedy Victoria at The District Chocoholic for shepherding me through the final meters. Hint: Finding a swim buddy who writes a blog about chocolate is a good idea. Your swim dates might involve macarons.

1: Flashback to 1998, courtesy of two swim workouts in one day to achieve #50KinMay

1: Number of times I wriggled into a wetsuit in front of strangers, before a group swim in a Chesapeake Bay tributary with friends of Ann at Ann’s Running Commentary. (Yes, it still fit—whew!)

1: Successful open-water swim trials. See above.

7,000: Meters swam without a pull buoy, which had been serving as a sort of security blanket for my knee since ACL-reconstruction surgery in late January

2: New mantras: Your heart is a weapon the size of a fist. And: Stronger every stroke. Read more about mantras, motivational screen-savers and other adventures in sports psychology in my guest post on Katie’s terrific blog, Run This Amazing Day.

2,500: Dollars raised through our American Cancer Society Bolder Boulder 10K fund-raising campaign, through both online and off-line donations. If you’ve donated, or if you’ve offered moral support toward our effort (as important as financial!), I can’t thank you enough. Your support and friendship means the world to me and Steve, and it will fuel us through the tough spots of the race on Monday morning. I’ll be posting updates on my Twitter page the day of the race, and will post briefly here once I can get to a computer. For now, send us your speediest thoughts Monday morning!

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