Wordless Wednesday

I’ve got a lot of brackish water, bridge spans and Boulder (Colo.) running through the slides of my mental imagery this week. A couple of my favorites:

Mid-Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim photo courtesy of RobAquatics.com:

The Bolder Boulder 10K finish line in Folsom Field—the stadium of my alma mater. Look at those Flatirons in the background!


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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ann

    Love the photo between the spans but so glad I am only doing the mile this year. Even that is taking some daily calming prayers to get me to the start.

  2. Love the picture of the bay bridge swim!

  3. amy

    Awesome pics! Track finishes at races are fantastic.

  4. Great photos. The shot of the bridge spans is impressive.
    Who doesn’t love the Flatirons!! I’ll be thinking of you at the Boulder Bolder 10K, finishing on that track!

  5. The bridge pic is so cool! When is the swim?

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