Genius in the details

I recently wrote a story for an upcoming issue of Bethesda Magazine about a young boy who has beaten all the odds after being born three and a half months premature. He still has a bevy of developmental delays, and I asked his parents how they keep feelings of jealousy (of so-called “normal” kids) and frustration in check. Their answer is giving me a great deal of comfort now, as I plod through my post-ACL-tear rehabilitation:

Take pleasure and pride in small changes. It is continuous, seemingly small changes that lead to transformational outcomes.

With this “genius in the details” motto in mind, I’m actually pretty proud of my progress recently. I can leg-press 50 pounds with my injured leg, after starting with 20 pounds just three weeks ago. I can easily straighten my leg all the way, and am an inch away from being able to fully bend it. I am no longer terrified of curbs and crosswalks, and I am close to being able to walk without limping.

This thinking can apply to healthy choices in general, too. Rather than berate myself for what I didn’t do (a full swim workout on Wednesday, for example), I’m choosing to be proud of the small things I did do (finish half a swim workout despite being exhausted and sore; and doing my much-dreaded leg lifts once I got home).

What small steps are you celebrating this week?


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4 responses to “Genius in the details

  1. Great post Amy. You are unflappable!

    Seems like a good philosophy for life – appreciate the small things!

  2. amy

    I love this post. So, so true! I hope you’re doing well!

  3. great reminder to focus on the small stuff. you’re doing fabulous!

  4. purpleshoe runs

    great reminder! glad to hear that recovery keeps coming along! : )

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