The 30-minute workout: Treadmill speed workout part deux

I planned to do a long run and lifting workout yesterday. Then, it snowed, and the day got crazy, and I had all of 30 minutes to exercise.

I could have given up on my workout for the day, and almost did. Instead, I headed down to my building’s mini-gym for a repeat of Tuesday’s speed workout. It was not inspired. It was not creative. But it challenged my muscles, worked my heart and cleared my mind, and reminded me that, in running and in life, an all-or-nothing mindset is dangerous and counter-productive.

Today’s similarly busy, which means I’ll be heading down to the stationary bike for my favorite Just Do Something workout. There will be plenty of time for longer, hard-core workouts in the coming weeks; for now, I’m patting myself on the back for doing anything at all!

What do you do to work out when you’ve only got 30 minutes to work with?


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One response to “The 30-minute workout: Treadmill speed workout part deux

  1. lizard151

    I hear you. It’s been crazy around here these past few weeks. On Friday I ran to a bar to get something in before a friend’s happy hour. Desperate times 😉

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