Workout of the week: just do *something*

I’ve been working on a feature profiling busy, high-profile people who manage to fit workouts into their schedule, and have gotten to the point that common themes are emerging. The most popular sentiment is also the easiest to replicate: Just do *something.*

Sports psychologist and “mental toughness trainer” Alison Arnold finds this sentiment important enough to make it into an acronym, J.D.S., in a write-up offering motivational tips and tricks. And I find it important enough to withstand a workout that I truly find boring: the stationary bike.

If I had all the time and resources in the world, I’d alternate swimming, running and lifting, maybe throwing in a yoga class and a weekly overnight backpacking trip for variety. But I don’t, so once a week or so, when I’ve punted on all other workout options, I grab some reading material (usually, these days, my Outdoor Emergency Care book), walk down to the little mini-gym in my condo complex and park myself on the stationary bike for 30 minutes to an hour, pedaling while I read in the ultimate act of multi-tasking.

It’s not my favorite form of exercise, but it’s saved me from doing nothing on many days when a nice, leisurely swim just didn’t work out. The recumbent stationary bike is also ideal for cross-training through injuries, as it’s low-impact and easy on my IT band, unlike regular bikes.

My "something" on "just do something" days.

What do you do for exercise on those “just do something” days?


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3 responses to “Workout of the week: just do *something*

  1. Liz

    I go to the stationary bike too. There is one in my office gym and when I’m super busy, I just try to get down there for 20 minutes. Better than nothing!

  2. i made a mini-goal for october to do at least 30min of exercise everyday. running, of course, is the main thing, but anything counts. biking, yoga, weights, a workout dvd, walking – as long as i’m moving for 30 minutes!

  3. I love just going for a brisk walk. Something about getting the heart rate up and your legs in a rhythm is all you really, truly need to lift your mood and getting some fresh air is an extra bonus.

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