Marine Corps Marathon countdown: Visualize miles 1-5

As promised, today begins a five-day series of visualization exercises for every day leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon. They’re based on an old edition of Runner’s World’s “Guide to Running” that suggests using every training run (or stretching session—it IS taper week) leading up to the marathon to visualize a chunk of miles of the actual marathon. I wrote (and used!) these posts leading up to the marathon last year, and hope they help other runners break down the journey into bite-sized pieces.

Today’s exercise: Visualize yourself running the first five miles of the race. You’re feeling strong, letting other runners whiz past you — you’ll pass them later. You’re feeling good, even able to chat with runners around you.

Can't you just feel yourself running through the famous arches at the start?

For Marine Corps Marathon runners, this means the first mile through Rosslyn, the second and third miles on a slow uphill climb on Lee Highway/Spout Run, and the fourth and fifth miles in Georgetown. Runners can picture themselves stopping for water at mile 4, running evenly paced miles as the first section of the marathon rolls by.

Study the course map for more information. Tune in later this week for other installments in this feature, and check out other tips and tricks from my experience last year at the links below:

Spectator’s guide

How to avoid Marine Corps Marathon taper tantrums

The ultimate Marine Corps Marathon playlist

What motivated me to enter

What motivated me to finish when the going got tough

Also, check out The Washington Post’s Marine Corps Marathon 2010 guide. It includes mini-profiles of inspiring runners, featuring a woman who trained for the race while undergoing chemotherapy.

In other news, I wasn’t seen at the doctor yesterday for my weird, possibly broken toe, which I’m hoping will be OK for the Marine Corps 10K this weekend. Apparently, I’m better at running than I am at negotiating with insurance types. I have another appointment on Wednesday, and will be praying to the paperwork gods until then.


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4 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon countdown: Visualize miles 1-5

  1. Stacey ala @runnerchick28

    Thanks so much for posting this and sharing your experience – I will be reading these all week and heeding some of your advice!
    Good Luck at the Dr and the 10K this weekend!

  2. Watch out! Dr. P has laryngitis!

  3. Gosh, I hope your toe is well before your big run on Sunday! I can’t wait to hear all about the 10k and how you felt doing it, etc. It’s a major event and a prestigious one. Wishing you an excellent run! Good look and godspeed! 🙂

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