Motivation Monday: Marine Corps Marathon edition

It’s Marine Corps Marathon week, and longtime readers of this blog know this race holds a special place in my heart after a heartbreaking, but ultimately life-changing, experience last year.

Grinning ear-to-ear before the Marine Corps Marathon.

This year, I signed up for the Marine Corps 10K instead. But I have lots of friends going the distance on Sunday, and I’m truly motivated by the adventure they’re about to embark upon.

In their honor, I’m dedicating this week to re-running various Marine Corps Marathon posts from last year that might be helpful to others. Among them is a series I wrote for breaking down the race into five-mile chunks. I’ll run those here every day leading up to the race. I hope those, along with the links below, will help other runners mentally rehearse hills and envision themselves crossing the finish line to get their medals.

Running MCM this weekend? Good luck. Now, go get your medal!

Spectator’s guide

How to avoid Marine Corps Marathon taper tantrums

The ultimate Marine Corps Marathon playlist

What motivated me to enter

What motivated me to finish when the going got tough

Also, check out The Washington Post’s Marine Corps Marathon 2010 guide. It includes mini-profiles of inspiring runners, featuring a woman who trained for the race while undergoing chemotherapy.

Did you run the Marine Corps Marathon last year? If so, what’s your best piece of advice about the course? Are you running it this year? If so, what are you doing this week to prepare?


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4 responses to “Motivation Monday: Marine Corps Marathon edition

  1. Liz

    Thanks for these posts!!

  2. lizard151

    I’ve sent these out to all my running friends! I’ve done the race before, but reading these are so good for my taper jitters. Thank you for sharing! And I’m sorry to hear about your experience last time 😦 Yikes. I will be packing my lunch all week.

  3. A broken toe! You need to be wrapped in bubble wrap… 😉

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