Motivation Monday

I’m not sure whether this is going to be a recurring feature, or a one-Monday-only special, but I wanted to share some of the little

My weekend purchases are motivating me this week — especially the awesome, cheapo technical T's!

My weekend purchases are motivating me this week — especially the awesome, cheapo technical T's!

things that are firing me up this week. The alliteration comes courtesy of a lack of motivation to think up anything more clever on a Monday morning.

  • Retail therapy after my almost-16 miler on Saturday. You know you’re a runner when “retail therapy” means a new pair of socks, some Body Glide and Sports Beans. I stopped in Pacers after my almost-16-miler to purchase all of the above, and it felt just as awesome and self-indulgent as buying myself flowers.
  • Some great new long-run songs. I literally cannot place “The View” by Modest Mouse and “Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth” by Clap You Hands Say Yeah too early on my marathon playlist, because they’ll inspire me to run too fast, too soon. They’re perfect for a long run, when you’re looking for something with a great beat that’s also sort of meditative.
  • Knowing what works. I bought two technical T-shirts from the Reebok outlet store in Jacksonville, Fla., while I was training for the Nashville Country Music Marathon in 2007. These random shirts ended up being my favorites to run in: They’re not too tight, not too loose, have amazing sweat-wicking properties and have a slight V-neck to prevent chafing (who knew this was possible with a shirt?). I’ve worn them to death, and they’re now so permanently smelly, the stench distracts even me. When we stopped at the Hagerstown, Md., outlets on our way back from West Virginia over the weekend, I stopped in the Reebok store. Just to see. I bought two new shirts in bright pink and purple for $12 a pop. Tested the purple one on my long run Saturday. Great success! This will be my marathon shirt!
  • Renewing my commitment to swimming. As I whined about in a post last week, my beloved pool closes this Friday. But I found the most amazing Web site to help me find a new one. Details to follow. For now, the closure of my old haunt is inspiring me to swim for all my cross-training days this week. A sort of farewell tour to the pool that’s served me so well.
  • Focusing on the journey. This is getting even tougher as the Marine Corps Marathon draws closer, and other friends running fall marathons are hounding Boston qualifying times — 3:40 for women in my age group. Most conversion charts say based on my most recent half-marathon time (1:49), I should be able to run a 3:50 marathon, making it tempting to wonder: What would it take for me to qualify? But I’m pretty sure the answer involves me training much harder than I am now, which might just shove me off the don’t-get-injured tightrope I already feel like I’m walking on. So I’m shooting for something like a four-hour marathon — nine-minute miles — and I’m trying to not even focus on that time, beyond using it to know what pace I should start the race at. I’m reminded of the saying: “You don’t sing to get to the end of a song.” We don’t run because we want to see some numbers on a clock. We run because it brings us peace and joy and a zenned-out feeling that only comes from meditation in motion.

What’s motivating you this week?


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13 responses to “Motivation Monday

  1. What’s motivating me this week is that I’ve got the ING Hartford Half Marathon this coming Saturday!!! I can’t wait…should be a great race!

  2. michjoy61

    We don’t run because we want to see some numbers on a clock. We run because it brings us peace and joy and a zenned-out feeling that only comes from meditation in motion.

    Could not have said that any better myself!! What motivates me on a Monday? Well a full day of rest yesterday, when I started running I knew it was going to be a great run. That is enough motivation right there.

    By the way, great socks you bought. I wear that brand as well. Balega are pretty great running socks.

    Your awesome lady!! BQ is in your future, I know it and feel it for you!!!

  3. Love it! Skin of my Yellow Teeth is one of my favorite songs.

    You can totally qualify! I can see it happening for sure. You know how marathons work, too… I can try to help you get there if you’d like. I will see how my new training plan really works in two weeks at Columbus. Injury prevention is all about recovery and rest!

  4. Yay retail therapy! New running gear is BETTER than flowers, if you ask me : ) I’ve got my last race before the marathon this Saturday (a half), so that’s what’s keeping me motivated! I’m going to try to PR too so I’m excited to see what happens.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  5. katekirk

    I’m running in memory of my mother and as a fundraiser for the ALS Association — and to finish, since MCM will be my first. After yesterday’s not as good as hoped for 21 miler, I’m also running to redeem myself since I can do better than that!

    • What a great motivation! Thanks for sharing that. And don’t worry about a rough long run — an experienced marathoner-friend of mine told me before my first marathon that the long runs are meant to be gotten through. On race day, the crowds, fellow runners and adrenaline will boost you, and water/gel/Sports Bean stations will appear like magic. Focus on the long runs that went well, not the aberrations (the ones that didn’t). That said … revenge runs can be powerful!

  6. This week I’m feeling motivated because I’m not over-scheduled! I’ve been working really hard at pulling back from the things that take up my time and energy and don’t give me anything in return, so that I can focus on the things that I love, like running at sunrise.

  7. Cassie

    I hooked up my nike+ with my ipod again and actually looked forward to my run on Sunday Something about uploading my runs to the nike site and seeing the graphs of my runs gets me going. I am such a data geek!

  8. trialsoftraining

    motivating me – a race in less than two weeks with my Sister! 🙂 SO pumped

    and I’ll be looking up those songs, because after The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now” – I’ll be looking up every song you mention 😉 haha

    I love finding THE shirt/outfit that works, and even better when you find said things in an outlet!

  9. that’s definitely my idea of retail therapy!! i also think you have a bq in you. i agree, don’t go overboard this year, but with more consistent training and 100% recovery i totally think you could shoot for it next year. love that quote/saying!

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