Last long one, done!

I’m glowing.

It’s a couple hours after I finished my last longer run pre-marathon, an almost-16 miler, and I’m deep into what’s become my post-long-run routine: A heaping plate of nachos (baked chips, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, black beans, loads of salsa), a couch and some college football on TV. My cold seems to be 100 percent gone after forcing myself to spend three days in the horizontal position on the couch, and my ego is on a major high after what turned out to be a killer pre-marathon confidence-booster.

The down and dirty: I ran 15.87 miles (according to my recently re-calibrated Nike Plus, which I’m about 98 percent sure I can trust) in 2:23:08. That’s even 9-minute miles, despite my decision to tackle some giant, quad-eating hills the last five miles.

I ran my first 10 miles on Sligo Creek Trail, and managed 8:30-minute miles for the duration. So many things boosted my confidence this morning! I’m at that glorious point in training when I say things like, “I’ve just got a 15-miler today.” Also, I’ve got my routine down to a science, and know exactly when to eat my pre-run Luna bar, how much water I really need to feel hydrated, how the PowerAde and Clif shots being served on the marathon course feel on my stomach, which shirts and shoes and socks and shorts are certain to not chafe.

Also boosting my confidence: Knowing I can break my routine if I need to. I wasn’t sure I’d be attempting a long one this morning, so I enjoyed a delicious meal of authentic Chinese food with some friends last night. I didn’t know how my stomach would handle that amazing tofu dish (happily, it was fine), but decided I’d just see how it went. Also, I hadn’t stocked up on any of my favorite gels, so I used a few Hammer Gels I’d gotten for free in some past race’s goody bag (the raspberry flavor is particularly yummy!).

After finishing 10 miles on Sligo Creek Trail, I headed for the hills. I tackled a hilly 5.5-mile course that haunted me when I first started running with the Pacers Fun Run group. I’d just moved from Florida, and even though I’d only been there four years, it was like my quads forgot they’d ever seen a hill. This morning, I made those hills my … well, never mind what I made them. I kicked some serious butt, even running up the route’s steepest hill twice for good measure. Check out a slight variation of my run here (make it longer by adding miles on Sligo Creek Trail, like I did. And feel free to not start at my house, as the map suggests).

In short: I feel ready for this marathon. Not, like, now or anything. Now, I feel ready for only a few hours of good football, and some turkey chili for dinner.


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8 responses to “Last long one, done!

  1. Great job! You are so ready for the marathon! Enjoy the rest of your taper.

  2. I’m so excited for you Amy! You will be amazing because you’re a rock star and because you are prepared!

    I’m really beginning to learn how much thought and strategy goes into running long distances and appreciate even more that training is just as important as the actual race.

    So proud of you and happy your hip stayed healthy 🙂

  3. Wahooo! Great job on your last long run before the MARATHON! Glad your cold is gone, too 🙂

  4. michjoy61

    Ok, I have to say it:
    You made those hills your bitch!! DONE!!

    I am so excited for you lady ~ you sound ready, feel ready and are sooo ready!!

    And I am ready to hear all about it. RUN LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!!!

  5. nice! congrats on a great last-long run. you’ve had a great training period and have shown great patience in gearing up for mcm. i can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    loved your comment about stephen king’s writing. applicable to many aspects of our lives!

  6. Salsa is good for you too – especially the hot kind!
    Glad to hear you’re back in form. 10/25 is coming up fast!
    Go Ducks!

  7. trialsoftraining

    ha – I’m Always ready for football and chili. sounds like the perfect night to me 😉

    still can’t imagine thinking it’s “only 15 miles” – that’s got to be a sure sign that your training has gone well! the hills around here definitely add some challenges, but prepare those legs for anything that’s thrown on the course!

  8. I wish I could say I was nearly done with the Long Runs… I’m just getting started… lucky you! With that confidence you are ready for Marine Corp and to kick it’s butt!

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