Staying on track on vacation … and jumping back in after

Is August a frenzy of travel and chaos for everyone, or is that just me?

We kicked off the month with a visit from one of our oldest and best friends, Mike, who took us on a whirlwind tour of our own home city while he was in town from Colorado.

The day after Mike left, we went to a Dave Matthews concert with other great friends, after which we boarded a plane to San Francisco for a vacation that made me want to shed my East Coast status permanently and stake out a comfy little place in Monterey, which I’ve decided is a runner’s paradise.

And we just got back from a five-day jaunt to Florida to see my parents.

The question: With all that travel, how does a girl stick to any sort of routine?

I’m happy to report that I’m still right on track for my truncated Marine Corps Marathon training, and that I actually squeezed in quite a bit of my hard-core core work, too. How?

I’d love to say it’s by waking up before dawn to squeeze in long runs, or by balancing on things while sight-seeing (don’t get me wrong: There’s a reason we saw San Francisco by bicycle). Mostly, this time, it was by being selfish, and by surrounding myself with people — my husband, my runner-friend Sarah, my parents — who understand and respect my goals, and who don’t see an early-morning run as a bit strange or selfish.

My one big downfall: vacation wine! I know there’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine here or there during a tough training session. Moderation is key, right? I’m not sure that two to three glasses per night, every night, with a few wine tours through Sonoma and Monterey County mixed in, counts as moderation, but it was certainly worth it. I’m also fairly certain it’s out of my system for a LONG time now. My other downfall: A semi-planned, semi-accidental, three-week break from swimming.

Now, the question becomes: How do I get back to my routine after all that travel and fun?

I start with a swim date with my husband tonight. It’s a sort of Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine, and I’m not going to put any pressure on myself about it. I’m just going to go, and jump back in.

How do you stay on track on vacation, and get back on track when you return?


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2 responses to “Staying on track on vacation … and jumping back in after

  1. michjoy61

    Good post! It is definitely hard to get back on track from a total change of routine. The type of person I am, I usually just jump right back into my normal workout routine and even though its hard, it helps me because I am a woman that likes routine.

    Ok, I will stop rambling now!! Welcome home!

  2. i am not too good about sticking to the plan on short vacations (like a long weekend) or when they are pretty action-packed with festivities or plans. :-/

    i’ve been traveling a lot for work though over the past, oh, 6 months and have luckily found myself in a routine while on-the-road. easier though when you know you have the whole week i feel, and less activities/things to do.

    glad the trip went well!

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