And I thought Washington was hot …

I’m visiting my parents in Florida, which means this recent DC transplant is getting a reminder of what real heat

With any luck, today's workout will take place here.

With any luck, today's workout will take place here.

feels like.

It’s not that it doesn’t get hot in DC, just that the heat in Florida in August is a different kind of relentless. My friend Sarah, whose own Florida stint overlapped with mine (a year in Gainesville, three in Jacksonville), once described training for a marathon in Florida like “trying to breathe into a hot, wet washcloth.” And not that this is a factor this trip, but Floridians have no reason to expect a break from the hot, wet washcloth until October, or even November.

After my experience with a heat-exhaustion-induced funk last week, one would think I’d learned my lesson about running in the mid-day heat. But then, after getting back from a morning on the boat with my parents yesterday, the skies had clouded up to the point that I had goosebumps. My perfect opportunity to steal an afternoon training session!

Too bad the clouds only lasted until exactly the moment I walked out the door. I ran a moderate 40 minutes anyway, promising myself that if I felt at all dizzy or funky, I would stop and walk. It went pretty well, leaving me feeling energized and relaxed rather than drained.

Today, we’re planning on another boat day, which means I can plan on a workout a little more conducive to my surroundings: a nice open-water swim in the Gulf. Wish me luck!


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5 responses to “And I thought Washington was hot …

  1. michjoy61

    Wow breathing into a hot wet washcloth doesn’t sound very nice. I guess we can’t complain too much about the heat and humidity can we? Well, we can but still….

    Have an awesome vacation and enjoy the boat today! Be careful on your runs girl!!

  2. UGH humidity and heat Florida style! I can’t believe you went out running in the middle of the day! Are you crazy woman??

  3. Good luck! Have fun!!

  4. hope you are having a fun trip! good luck with the hot, wet washcloth – take it easy if you need to. i know that you know to drop the pace in the warmer temps πŸ™‚

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