Running recipe: Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

Have you seen the California strawberries gracing supermarket shelves berrieslately?

Buying fresh berries is one of my greatest indulgences. Mix some berries with some lemon juice, vanilla and Splenda, and you’ve got my favorite snack. So you can imagine my joy when my June issue of Runner’s World arrived today, with the headline “eat this now” above my post-run standby.

It says that thanks to antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins, strawberries help reduce inflammation and counteract muscle damage sustained during long runs.

Sounds like a good excuse to eat some strawberries, no?

Runner’s World suggests mixing the berries with a few drops of good balsamic vinegar and a little sugar, a trick I haven’t seen or heard of since I studied abroad in Italy about a million years ago. Pair it with some Greek yogurt for a protein boost, and you’ve got the perfect post-run recovery meal.

Can you guess what my post-run snack is going to be tonight?

*** Editor’s note: Actual post-run snack consisted of a margarita with running buddies, plus my weight in tortilla chips and salsa. No anthocyanins, but it was a LOT of fun! ***

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