Race preview: Earth Day 5K in Silver Spring

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Earth Day is almost here, and with it, its mandate to do something fun, enriching and crunchy-granola outdoors.

Thanks for the Silver Spring Earth Day 5K, sponsored by Pacers Silver Spring, I’m covered on all counts.

The inaugural race starts 8 a.m. Sunday in downtown Silver Spring, which means you can save a car trip by taking Metro there and back. A large chunk of the U.S. Track and Field certified course runs along the lovely, woodsy Sligo Creek Parkway Trail, which will let D.C. urbanites get their forest fix. The race benefits The Nature Conservancy, and race-packet freebies include Feetures! Bamboo socks and reusable grocery totes (I told you it was crunchy-granola). The first 350 people to register even get organic T-shirts.

By the way, I have on good word that the bamboo socks are extraordinarily comfortable, and posses odor-killing properties most runners could use.

5Ks are perhaps my slowest-distance race. Whenever I look at those pace-conversion charts that tell you what other race times should be based on one time, I learn that I’m way behind my own personal bell curve for short distances. I’m scrappier than I am speedy, I guess.

I don’t have huge expectations for this race, time-wise, as it follows the opening of the Tiki Bar on Solomons Island on Friday and my darling “nephew’s” first birthday party on Saturday night (and when they’re that little, it’s more a party for the grown-ups than anything else). But I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “Race preview: Earth Day 5K in Silver Spring

  1. Should be fun on Sunday… thanks for the preview 🙂

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