Introducing the new DC Running Examiner

Exciting news: I’ve been named the DC Running Examiner! This means several time a week, I’ll post articles of interest to DC-area runners on my Examiner page.

You’ll recognize some of the content from this blog, such as favorite running routes and race reports. Other stories will be new, and will be a little newsier and more Washington-specific than those on this blog.

That said, my aim is to make this a really cool resource and procrastination tool for runners from all over the place, so please pass the link along to anyone who might be interested. Among my plans for the site: Interviewing fancy DC-area running coaches, physical therapists and other experts to find out their favorite playlists, post-run snacks, pre-race meals and local running routes.

For now, I’ll be maintaining my training blog as well. I’ll keep you posted on how this all evolves, but for now, check both locations for tips and tricks to help your running (or to find out how my own training is going).

In other news: Remember how I bragged a week or so ago that it’s gloveless running season again? Apparently, I jinxed myself and the rest of the greater Washington area, which is suffering a bout of rainy, chilly weather this week.

The Alaska route's well-marked street signs make it easy to follow.

The Alaska route's well-marked street signs make it easy to follow.

For our Pacers Silver Spring fun run group, this means our much-run Alaska route, which is well-lit and easy to follow even in the nastiest weather, with visible street signs at every turn. It starts at the Pacers store in downtown Silver Spring, winds through downtown, then crosses over the Maryland-District line into Washington’s quiet, charming Shepherd Park neighborhood. It then follows streets like Kalmia Road North Portal Drive along Rock Creek Park back to downtown. Though it’s easy to follow, it includes some challenging hills of the long and gradual variety. It’s great for a rainy day like today.Our Alaska route inclues well-marked street signs.


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3 responses to “Introducing the new DC Running Examiner

  1. Jen Ras

    Woo hoo! Website looks awesome!!!

    I really need to get ready for the upcoming 10 miler. Should probably spend more time out running instead of reading your blog. oh well!

  2. The new blog looks great 🙂

    Yesterday nites run was great… good hills…. good times 🙂

  3. Yesterday was a great run… good hills… good flat parts… good times 🙂

    The new blog and site looks great! I look forward to keeping up with you 🙂

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