Slow legs, cool route

Lake Needwood saved my run today.

My legs were pretty much out of juice from a weekend that included a long run (a max of 10 miles for half-marathon-training purposes, but still) and lots of mogul skiing, so I knew I’d need something scenic to take my mind of being tired. A part-dirt, part-gravel trail around Lake Needwood, a 75-acre lake in the middle of Rock Creek Regional Park in Rockville, totally delivered.

The 7-mile trail around the lake, which was peaceful today in its near-frozen state, connects to the Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail, so lots of runners use it as an extension of long runs. But the shorter section I did today proved you don’t have to stray from the lake to get a great workout.

Here’s the thing that truly saved me from napping instead of running today: It’s not only a pretty route, but a variable one. Some sections hug the lakeshore. Others climb through the woods above the lake, providing great aerial views. And if you need more variety or more distance, you can always hit up a section of Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail.

Stay tuned for more about the excellent 10-miler I ran over the weekend …

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