The power of flexibility

I am circus-freak flexible.

Like, put-one-leg-behind-my-head flexible.

It’s one of those weird genetic quirks that always astounds new workout partners and crowds at races (no matter how clandestine I try to be while stretching before a race, inevitably, there’s the dude who approaches to say: “That looks like it hurts.”).

Problem is, the Gumbyness in my muscles doesn’t translate to my psyche. I am a maker of lists and a keeper of plans, so when something sidelines my workout, like the killer migraine that set in last night and kept me in bed with the curtains closed all day today, I don’t deal well.

The migraine, which was truly the worst I’ve had in years, sent me to bed rather than on my fun run tonight and long run this morning. In normal circumstances, napping is a physical impossibility for me. In a testament to just how crappy I felt, I have slept 24 hours off and on since about 9:30 last night. I just recently emerged feeling a little better, but terribly guilty.

I flipped open my most recent issue of Runner’s World to a great story I wish I could link to called “Never Get Hurt.” In addition to an awesome preventative workout, it included tips for avoiding injury. My eyes scanned to this blurb first:

“Many runners become so compulsive about training that they refuse to miss a day regardless of the circumstances, says Michael Sachs, professor of kinesiology at Temple University. It becomes a matter of control, he says — who is in control, you or the running?”

Um. Me? OK, fine, maybe it’s not a good idea to attempt even a quickie speed workout on the treadmill when I’m still a little dizzy from migraine meds (even though this is my second day off in a row — gaaah!). There’s always tomorrow, right? For today, I decided to do some yoga instead to exercise my mental AND physical flexibility.

P.S. – Why is it that on the days I do have long runs, all I want is to have a day off?

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