Signs of summer: Lake swimming begins

It’s raining in Saratoga Springs today, and the temperature is barely cracking the 50-degree mark. Water is pooling in the potted plants I haven’t transferred to garden boxes yet, and I’m wearing a thick sweater and drinking tea.

But just last week, I got the truest taste of summer there is—the beginning of lake swimming!

Moreau Lake last Thursday evening.

Moreau Lake last Thursday evening.

Last Thursday was Saratoga Triathlon Club’s first open-water swim in Moreau Lake. The 20 minutes before the swim had all the joy and excitement of a summer-camp reunion as I saw and hugged the swim friends I hadn’t seen since the previous summer.

I hadn’t brought my wetsuit—we’ve had such a warm spring, I couldn’t imagine the water temperature being anything colder than lukewarm—so it was an unpleasant surprise to hear the lifeguards tell us the water temperature was 67 degrees “in the shallow spots.” “No promises about the deeper areas,” said one guard forebodingly.

I walked into the water gingerly, expecting ice cubes and uncontrolled shivering. Instead, it was pure heaven, feeling more like 72 degrees on a warm, sunny day. I was a little more tired than usual (note to self: get back in the pool more often!), but by the second lap around the lake, I felt the same cool blue peace that keeps me coming back to the lake again and again.


Lake Desolation on Saturday morning.

Saturday at Lake Desolation was no different. I felt more tired than usual, and could tell I was a little slower. After the same mental note (back in the pool, please!), I chilled out and swam at my own pace, finishing a bit early by cutting off the last out-and-back stretch. I snapped this picture while I relaxed in some comfy sweats on the dock.

How are you celebrating summer?

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  1. I always love your swimming musings. It seems like such a serene sport. I’ve got to get into the pool myself!

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