Motivation Monday (a day late): The Moreau Lake Open Water Swim edition

Is there anything better than your home course? The chance to swim at my own personal “home course” of Moreau Lake State Park is one of several things motivating me this week. In the days leading up to the Moreau Lake Open Water Swim this Sunday, I’m not wondering what the water’s going to feel like, or whether there will be boat wake, or whether it will be easy or difficult to sight, or what the parking situation will be—I know it like the back of my hand after a summer of Thursday-night swims there. The only question is my own performance.


If I swam the same pace as I swam my 5K in Lake George a couple weeks ago, I would finish in 52 minutes and change. So finishing in 50-ish minutes (emphasis, as usual, on the “ish”) seems like a reasonable goal to me. A more important, process-based goal is to relish every moment of what will certainly be my last swim of the year in this magical place.

Also motivating me this week:

My new favorite bathing suit. The Moreau Lake Open Water Swim, 15K and aquathlon is 80s-themed, and the website states that “80s clothing is highly recommended.” One may be thinking that this is a recommendation best suited for the running events. In thinking so, one would be wrong, thanks to Splish, and to Katie at This Amazing Day for alerting me to this incredible line of bathing suits. ST-RNBP

The NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge. Local, organic food isn’t just a trend here; it’s simply a way of life. So when I saw an advertisement for the Locavore Challenge, an imperative from the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York to inspire awareness and action in eating locally and organically, I was quick to register. I already do many of the challenges described—eating seasonal, local food; canning—but I perked up when I saw these two items on the checklist:

Make your own local organic butter, yogurt or ice cream

Make your own bread with local organic grain

With the help of a dear runner-friend who’s been making her own yogurt for months and recipes such as this one, I tackled the first of the two challenges last weekend.

I heated some lowfat milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery to 185 degrees, then cooled it to 110 degrees in an ice bath.


I added a few tablespoons of yogurt to the pot, wrapped the pot in a beach towel to keep it warm, then placed in in my oven overnight. When I took it out this morning, I strained it with cheesecloth to thicken it a bit.


A few hours later: Greek yogurt!


Stay tuned for more Locavore Challenge adventures.

What’s motivating you this week?


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7 responses to “Motivation Monday (a day late): The Moreau Lake Open Water Swim edition

  1. Making your own yogurt! How exciting Amy. I love little food projects like this. Don’t you feel so accomplished?

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  3. Susan Browne

    HI Amy – we met at the Moreau Lake swim – two women who you mentioned you were thinking of getting your wetsuit out and we admired your cute swimsuit. Great to have met you – and congrats on a good race!

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