Motivation Monday: The ‘nothing amazing about it’ edition

I was heaving myself out of the pool after a long, hard workout last week when I heard a voice from the lane next to mine.

“How many miles did you get in today?” asked an energetic, fit-looking fellow with gray hair.

I laughed, and deflected the question by asked him how many miles he’d gotten in.

“I try to swim a mile every time I come,” he said. “I think it’s pretty good, considering I’m 77.”

I balked. “77? Seriously? I would have guessed 60. Maybe.”

He shrugged amiably. “I get here three or four times a week in the summer.”

“That’s amazing,” I said, grinning and wide-eyed.

“Nothing amazing about it,” he said. “I just do it.”

What a great reminder that in the long run, success in training isn’t about motivation, or about how pleased you are with your progress. Instead, it’s about just getting out and doing it—nothing amazing about it.



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2 responses to “Motivation Monday: The ‘nothing amazing about it’ edition

  1. Yeah, just do it because I can, Do it because I stay fit.. Do it because it is satisfying, energizing. Do it because “doing it” is who I perceive myself to be…I will be 70 this year.

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