Where I’ve been

First, I’m sorry I went missing without explanation. When you’ve got major change brewing and it’s not time to talk about it yet, it’s hard to talk about anything else without feeling like a phony.

So here’s what’s been brewing: We are moving to Upstate New York this week. Steve has gotten a great job with a big company that will allow him to pursue a new path that we believe will lead to greater career fulfillment for him. We’ll be living just south of the Adirondacks in Saratoga Springs, in a beautiful little two-bedroom house built in 1896 located a quick walk away from downtown. It has its original floors and brand-new windows (which is how you want things to go in a house built in 1896). It also has a large porch out front and a garden and a hot tub in the back. It seems like it’ll be a beautiful place to start our next chapter.

Obviously, we feel heartbroken that we’ll no longer be in the D.C. area full-time. But I will continue to split my time between New York and Silver Spring in order to retain some of my local clients, which lets me keep a foothold in this area we love so much.

At the same time, I’m excited to explore a new outdoor playground, with bigger mountains to hike and ski on and lovely lakes to paddle and swim in. I feel lucky as a runner and swimmer and skier that I mostly know where my new friends will come from. We’ll be joining a local running group, affiliating with a local ski patrol and practicing with a master’s swim team. I know from our past moves that it takes a while to figure out which friends will become your new soul mates and which ones will remain “activity friends,” but it makes me happy to know that we’ll be able to immediately surround ourselves with like-minded people.

So farewell for now, D.C. My memories here are all infused with the landscape: long runs in Rock Creek Park; swimming across the Chesapeake Bay; skiing at Whitetail; paddling on the C&O Canal and biking on the towpath. I’ll hold them close to my heart when I go.


Once I accepted that there would be dark spots, everything seemed much brighter.


Photo courtesy of RobAquatics.com.

Photo courtesy of RobAquatics.com.



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5 responses to “Where I’ve been

  1. runninarounduptown

    That’s so exciting! Upstate NY is so beautiful and Saratoga is such a great town! You’ll love it. I’m making my way upstate in a few days to visit and swim with a very close friend who spends her summers near Schroon Lake.I visit often. Maybe someday I’ll swing through Saratoga and we can swim or hike together.
    Best of luck with your new adventure!

  2. Congratulations! Moves are exciting, as you say, new chapters. I am excited to read about your new playground, just like when you moved and wrote about the trash hill repeats in Virginia Beach 🙂 Good luck and I hope our paths cross again – maybe at a future Bay Swim, or Kingdom, or some other new crazy adventure that you find!

  3. exciting news! hopefully the traveling back to SS will be at a minimum and sounds like you may have more skiing opportunities in NY! 🙂

  4. Best wishes on the move, Amy!!

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