(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Surf-n-Santa 10-Miler costume edition

Now that the Philly Half is happily in my rear-view mirror, I’m turning my attention toward the Surf-n-Santa 10-Miler on Dec. 8. I’m so excited about this race, guys! Not because of the actual running part, which I’m guessing will be fun, too, but because of all the other stuff that comes with a J&A Racing event (they’re the fantastic local race organizers who put on the Wicked 10K).

For this race, that means swag that includes a long-sleeve technical half-zip shirt; a cute, Santa-themed finisher’s medal that doubles as a beer-bottle opener; a re-usable goody bag (the one we got at Wicked was really cute!); a pint glass; and a finish-line party that includes live bands, free Sam Adams beer and chicken tortilla soup from Baker’s Crust, a local restaurant that provided amazing veggie chili in a bread bowl after the Wicked 10K. The party following the Wicked 10K was so much fun, I felt like it fulfilled all of my Halloween party needs—live music, dancing, good times with good friends, great people watching—you name it.

Participating in a J&A Racing event also means costumes, which leads me to the wordless part of this post, and the call for suggestions for what I should wear to the race. I’m thinking about just going with as much random red-and-green running stuff as I can find, plus a Santa hat, similar to some of the folks below (photo courtesy of the Surf-n-Santa 10-Miler website):

But with inspiration like the runner below, both of whom I believe are past costume-contest winners, I wonder if I shouldn’t get more creative (photos courtesy of the Surf-n-Santa 10-Miler website):

Thoughts? Ideas? I’m looking for something cheap, fun and easy to run in.

Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck with your turkey trots, pie-eating contests and other forms of holiday fun!

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