(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘finishing kick’ edition

This is my perception of what happened in the last hundred yards or so of the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim last Saturday: I spotted another 2.5K swimmer ahead of me, and tried to turn on the finishing “kick” I almost always have deep within me at the end of open-water swims. I had no such kick, and the swimmer in front of me totally out-swam me. But when we reached shore, I quickly, gracefully sprinted ahead to the finish line as she walked to catch her breath.

This is what actually happened at the end of the race:

Running fast and strong as I come out of the water.

Still coming …

Still coming … this poor woman is looking at me, thinking: “If you’re going to pass me, pass me already!”

This is really getting a little bit ridiculous …

I’m grinning like I’m winning the Olympics, while barely moving forward.

Hey, I’m making progress (though it still looks like I’m casually jogging on the beach)! But what am I looking at over to the side?

Oh, right: I’m looking at the guy who was actually jogging on the beach THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF OUR FINISH CHUTE. He looks like he’s going considerably faster than me.

I did, eventually, make it to the finish line (whew!). Race photos are funny, aren’t they?


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2 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘finishing kick’ edition

  1. chasingthekenyans

    lol. at least you got a lot of action shots? now the dude running in the way – just rude 🙂

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