Lowering expectations, part deux

Early Monday morning, I landed in the ER with gastroenteritis (a fancy word for stomach flu, I think). I’d been vomiting for about 12 hours straight, and at around 5 a.m., I crawled into my runner-friend Karen’s room and begged her to drive me to the ER.

Once I was all pumped up with fluids, electrolytes and anti-nausea medicine via IV, I stopped weeping and proclaiming loudly that I was probably going to die, I started thinking about (and stressing about) the stuff I was going to cancel or skip: A practice session in backboarding and traction splinting for the OEC students on Monday night. Lunch with my SPJ freelance friends. A group run on Tuesday night. A long run and a long swim ahead of the Philadelphia Half-Marathon in November and the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim on Oct. 6. I started thinking about the work emails I needed to send alerting clients that I may be a day or two late filing various stories or edits. And I started, even in my Zofran-numbed mind, to kind of freak out.

Then, I remembered that just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post on this very blog including the following sentence: “I am trying to be OK with the fact that right now, in the wake of a crazy past year and a kinda emotional week, it’s OK to have slightly lower expectations for myself.”

Right. So once I got back to Karen’s house, I sent the emails asking for more time on various assignments. I told our OEC instructor I wouldn’t make the practice session. I cancelled my lunch. I reminded myself that I’ll get all the training I need for the half-marathon and the swim once I feel better, and that if not, I can always adjust expectations for them. And then, I took a nap.

Today has actually been a wonderfully productive work day (being parked on a couch with no energy does amazing things for your work productivity). I’m already planning on it being another wonderful nap day, too. If I don’t post on a regular schedule this week … well, you’ll know where I was instead.


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5 responses to “Lowering expectations, part deux

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I think you are very smart to fully commit to resting now, so that you can be back to 100% soon. No need to drag things out by trying to do too much too soon.

  2. Don’t think of it as lowering expectations, think of it as making them more realistic, given all that you are dealing with! 😉 Sorry you had the stomach issues.

  3. Here’s to a speedy recovery, Amy. Good on you for taking care of yourself!!

  4. Hope everything goes well for you and a speedy recovery!

  5. Oh MAN Amy, you have had one hell of a year. I’m thinking of you.

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