Motivation Monday: The autumn-weather edition

I spent the weekend doing OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care, or ski-patrol medical) stuff, which means I finished each day feeling stiff, sore, exhausted and exhilarated after hours of practice and instruction of backboarding and other medical skills. What’s the first thing I did after getting home from a long day of such fun activities on Saturday? Go for a run, of course. The heavy rains had passed, leaving in their wake a deliciously cool cold front. Stretching my muscles over the course of an easy three-miler hasn’t felt so good since … well, last fall.

It’s 58 degrees in Silver Spring, Md., as I write this. The sun is shining. High temps are forecast to be in the low 70s. Who needs more motivation than that?


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2 responses to “Motivation Monday: The autumn-weather edition

  1. Fall weather sure is glorious. I’d love it more than ANYTHING if only the darkness weren’t also increasing.

  2. We are now entering my favorite season EVER. No, really, EVER.

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