(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The Philly Half training plan edition

In my head over the past few weeks: I need to sit down and draft a training plan for the Philly Half in November that lays out all the long runs I need to do, starting in mid-September. I need to plan short runs and three days of swimming, too, plus TRX and other strength training for injury prevention/sanity.

In a random Fitness Magazine I flipped through while I got my hair did last week:

Thanks to Fitness Magazine and USTAF coach and ultrarunner Kim Maxwell for the training plan. Thanks (and sorry!) to my hair place for the page from that magazine.


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6 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The Philly Half training plan edition

  1. Exciting! Maybe we can fit in a run or two together? I’m officially signed up for the Army 10 miler, so we should be doing similar miles somewhere in late Sept/early October …

  2. Awesome training plan. But you have cursed yourself to having *bad hair* in all of your race pictures. MUAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. Heather C

    “In DC for most of September”…? Get-together, round 2? 😉

    Looking at those Long-run distances is really making my legs jealous. Those seem so much more enjoyable!

    • Cheers to both of those statements … definitely a get-together, and definitely easier to wrap one’s brain around 10 miles versus 20! I’ll enjoy living vicariously through your LONG-long runs.

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