Week No. 3 of run-swim-run training: When life gets in the way

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the difference between regular base training (i.e., moving your body in ways that offer challenge and progress that are not associated with a particular race) and training for an event—namely, the Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run July 21 and the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend. A major difference is the way the latter requires you to try a little harder to stick to your training plan when life gets in the way.

And did life ever get in the way this past week!

There was a broken toe. Yeah, I know. I was holding off on mentioning it until I was pretty sure I’d screwed it up. A week later, it’s definitely screwed up. How did I break my toe, you ask? I essentially kicked a curb as I rushed out of a Panera Bread last Friday. SO dumb. I felt debilitating pain, screamed, saw it swell and turn purple, and calmly decided to skip out on running for a week and focus on swimming instead. I called my doctor to make sure the treatment would be the same whether I came in or not. His physician’s assistant told me all they’d do is take an X-ray to confirm the break, then advise me to stay off it for a week. I’ve been icing and elevating ever since, and think I might be able to try running on it again next week.

There was a tropical storm, and a flash flood. I was determined not to let the broken toe stop me from swimming and lifting. The atmosphere had other plans. This week of bizarre, inconsistent training is brought to you by Tropical Storm Debby. Thankfully, my mom’s house didn’t see any major damage, and we came out of the storm relatively unscathed.

Here’s how training ended up looking as a result. Not bad, considering!

Saturday (June 23): Swim 3,000 yards at Bethesda. Felt amazing! Swimming is really starting to feel good again.

Sunday: Lift/plyometrics/agility stuff at COR fitness in New Port Richey. Flash flood.

Monday: Off. Lift sandbags to ward off floodwaters due to Tropical Storm Debby.

Tuesday: Lift 1 hour at COR fitness, whose parking lot is dry again. The outdoor lap pools near my mom’s house are still closed, sadly.

Wednesday: Rec center pool opens at 1 p.m. Swim! 3,500 yards. Enjoy the unusually cool water brought by more than a dozen inches of rain during the storm.

Thursday: Swim 3,500 yards, including a few 200 IMs.

Friday (today): TRX at Bethesda, swim at least 3,000 yards. Considering the insane heat wave, which had me sweating when I walked 10 steps to my car, I’m not particularly sad that I can’t run.

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  1. Broken toe – pshaw! Minor setback, right? I love how nothing stops you once you’re committed!

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