Revolution Yoga Draws Cyclists for a Double Workout

I never thought a cycling class could be meditative.

That is, until I took Gabriella Boston’s Revolution/Yoga class at Results Capitol Hill last Friday. The class, which starts with a 45-minute cycling session and ends with 45 minutes of yoga, combines the energy of cycling with the contemplative peace of yoga in a way that makes the sum greater than the two parts.

Instructor Gabriella Boston teaches an hour-and-a-half class at Results the Gym in Capitol Hill that combines indoor cycling and yoga into one workout. Photograph by David Johnson.

According to Yoga Journal, the spin-yoga combo trend started a few years ago, when a fitness and yoga instructor named Noll Daniel happened to teach back-to-back spinning and yoga classes at his New York City gym. Many students doubled up, touting the greater flexibility they felt after warming up on the bikes, leading the gym to create a single combo class. The class has since been replicated across the country, including in Washington, DC.

Boston’s class begins with an easy warmup on the bike, the first of several instances when she gives us cues about our effort level, gear level, and RPMs (revolutions per minute). After a few minutes of slow cycling in a low gear, we start the first of several hill and interval drills, set to a soundtrack of pop and hip-hop music.

Finish reading this story on Washingtonian Magazine’s Well + Being blog’s website.

(Editor’s note: Take a minute this morning to stop by Run This Amazing Day to congratulate Katie for her incredible Ironman finish yesterday.)


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2 responses to “Revolution Yoga Draws Cyclists for a Double Workout

  1. This sounds like an intriguing combination. It surely seems better than trying to run after a spin class. Hello, legs of concrete! Thanks for enlightening me that this “double” exists. You’re always exploring what’s out there and I love reading your blog for new ideas.

  2. I’m dying to take this class (and thanks for the shout out)!!

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