Fitting it in: Run-swim-run/half-marathon training, week No. 1

I didn’t post on Wednesday. Wanna know why?

I was running 7.5 miles instead!

For me, right now, at this moment in time, 7.5 miles is a big deal. It’s the longest I’ve run since the Hot Chocolate 15K back in December, and it represents the first sign of my returning to a slightly more regimented training plan ahead of the Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run July 21 and the Virginia Beach Rock β€˜n’ Roll Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend.

Sunday: Open-water swim at Sandy Point State Park.

Monday: Run hills for 45 minutes. Meant to do a long run, but I didn’t get out until the sun was already up, and it was HOT.

Tuesday: Swim 45 minutes. This was another bad, painful swim. My goggles leaked, so I kicked most of the practice. I didn’t leave nearly enough time after lunch before hopping in the pool. But I made it happen, anyway.

Wednesday: 7.5 miles! My decision to hold off for a few days on the long run paid off: The weather cooled down, and it was the perfect day to test my limits.

Thursday: 30 minutes TRX, 3,000 yards swim. This was the first swim in this training cycle that didn’t hurt. By contrast, it felt incredible! I swam 6X500 yards, increasing intensity as I went.

Friday: Easy 30-minute run. Cycling/yoga class for Washingtonian’s Well + Being blog (stay tuned for my writeup next week!).


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3 responses to “Fitting it in: Run-swim-run/half-marathon training, week No. 1

  1. Good luck with your training Amy. You put me to shame! I’m up to 6 miles now but I don’t swim or bike (although I do workout at the gym now). Looking forward to reading how you progress. πŸ™‚

  2. look at you go, girl! still loving the TRX?

  3. Woot! 7 1/2 miles! You are making good on your training promises! Thanks for passing along the motivation.

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