Back in the pool (yet again)

Read this blog for long enough, and you’ll start to notice a pattern. Girl runs. Girl gets hurt. Girl limps back to the pool. Girl rekindles her love for swimming, and spends months basking in the glow of being good at something, of doing an activity her body seems made for, of engaging in the outdoors in an interesting and different way through open-water swimming. Girl recovers. Girl realizes she can do other stuff again, and leaves swimming in the dust. Girl blathers on about how she and swimming are like Ross and Rachel, and wonders if they’ll ever just get together, already.

Finishing my most recent open-water swim, a 5K in Florida in October. I can count my swim workouts since then on one hand.

So the fact that I got in the pool on Wednesday without being injured is pretty notable. Could it be that I’m learning moderation, and realizing that swimming as hard and as long as I possibly can will only lead to burnout and an inevitable swim breakup?

Maybe. It could also be that Katie asked if I wanted to meet for a swim, then have lunch, and that sounded good to me.

No matter. I got in the pool. I kicked about a 2,000-yard workout (kicked only, because I have a killer ear infection). Afterwards, I got out, had lunch, did some work, and started thinking about getting in the pool again. Progress.

Keeping me motivated is this year’s version of #50KinMay, the Twitter challenge that helped get me through the toughest part of Great Chesapeake Bay Swim training last year. This year, we’re calling it #SwimInMay, to reflect that fact that many of us partaking in the challenge are simply not in a place where we’re looking to swim 50K in a month. And you know what? It was really satisfying to post my measly 2K kicking workout after I completed it!


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3 responses to “Back in the pool (yet again)

  1. Ann

    I must have read this blog long enough because when the title popped up in my inbox I thought, “Oh no, Amy is injured again. Glad to hear that you are not.

  2. SO FUN. let’s do it again!

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