TRX: My new workout obsession

Really, I can’t blame people for staring.

In my TRX class, which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in my local gym, it’s totally normal to see up to a dozen adults standing around what looks like a huge swing set, except instead of swings, there are long straps with handles at the end. Those insane adults are usually hanging from those straps by either their feet or hands, and are assuming postures that look like typical workout moves—planks, chest-presses, squats—except made more difficult by the fact that one or more of their limbs is suspended in the air via the straps.

For example, in most classes, we do side planks, in which we put each foot into a strap, then hold a plank position while balancing only on our forearm or hand.

Photo credit: TRX.

I can’t blame other gym-goers for staring as they walk by our studio.

Kids, I have been *obsessed* with this class ever since starting it in January. It’s unlike anything else you’d do in the gym (well, unlike anything else I’d do in the gym—if you do stuff like this, I would like to work out with you). The suspension training engages every muscle in your body in each movement, since it relies on gravity and your own body weight to make each move harder.  And it’s easy to adapt. To make a movement harder, you just increase the angle by walking your feet in or out. To make it easier, you walk your feet the other way.

This guy has made the row much, much more difficult with an insane angle. Photo credit: TRX.

As you can tell from the photos, if you have your own straps, you can do this anywhere. I do not have my own straps. They cost between $150 and $200. My birthday is May 20. Juuuust sayin’ …

But seriously: This is an incredible workout. Like many once-injured runners, I’m kind of obsessed with core strength, stability and balance, and TRX improves all of the above. Plus, it’s really fun! When’s the last time you hung in the air like a little kid on monkey bars? (If you regularly hang in the air like a little kid on monkey bars, I would like to hang out with you).

Have you tried TRX? What’s your take? What’s your favorite TRX move?

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  1. I LOVE TRX!!! I’ve been using it for about 1.5years, it’s fantastic. My favorite move has got to be the atomic push up, so hard but so good!

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