Race calendar 2012: a wish list

After a fun, fast group run on Tuesday night, we gathered at H.K. on the Bay, our favorite seafood restaurant, to do what runners do. That is, to sit around in our own sweat; drink wine and beer to further dehydrate ourselves; and talk about all the races we want to do. The following race lineup represents my wish-list for 2012. It’s not a workable race calendar just yet, but it could easily become one.

  • Frederick Half-Marathon, Frederick, Md., May 6. I’ve decided to wait until the last possible minute to sign up for this. I have a bunch of travel and some other obstacles between now and May 6. But if I can manage to squeeze in a few longish runs between now and then, I’ll totally be there.
  • The 29th Annual Jack King Ocean Swim, a one-miler on June 24 in Virginia Beach, Va. I haven’t been in the pool since before ski season. This might inspire me to get back in.
  • Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim, Charlottesville, Va., July 14. I’ve done this before, and wasn’t wild about it—a cable swim in a lake was too much like a pool for my liking. But it’s close to lots of good camping, and could make for a nice combo weekend.
  • Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run, Virginia Beach, July 21. 1K beach run, 1K ocean swim, 5K boardwalk run. How awesome does this sound? It’s like a triathlon, without the certainty of me getting passed by hundreds of weirdos in pointy bike helmets as I slowly pedal along on the mountain bike I rescued from a Dumpster!
  • Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend.
  • Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water 5K Swim. Oh, how I love this low-key open-water swim in beautiful Siesta Key, Fla.! I’m going back for thirds after enjoying the swim in 2010 and 2011.
  • And finally, the Philadelphia Half-Marathon on Nov. 16, the only one I’m actually signed up for.

Have you done any of these races before? Any thoughts, positive or negative?


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3 responses to “Race calendar 2012: a wish list

  1. Nicole G

    the Philly half was my first. great race, great crowd support. you’re gonna love it! 🙂

  2. Never done any of these, but I’m very tempted to run Philly. Jealous of your annual Daiquiri swim!

  3. I just registered for Frederick this week. I also might do the cable swim. And the run-swim-run sounds great but I think I’ll be at a conference that weekend. I wish there were more races like that!

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