Motivation Monday: The red coat edition

So, this happened:

Pictured above: Me wearing a coat that doesn’t say “candidate” on it. I passed, and can now officially say I’m a ski patroller! I’ll write a longer post with details as soon as I can steal a few minutes to breathe during an unusually busy work week, which might be later Monday, or might be Wednesday. But as a teaser: I learned how to pull down a sled in the bumps, which is awesome and challenging and maybe the best workout I’ve ever had. The feeling of doing that well—which is to say, the feeling of having *earned* that red coat—is the only feeling in the world better than actually getting to wear it. (As you can tell by my gigantic grin, getting the coat is pretty rad, too).


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5 responses to “Motivation Monday: The red coat edition

  1. Ann

    Amy, that is awesome. Congratulations. As much as getting that coat means to you right now, imagine how great it is going to feel when you go up there and really help someone and know all of the work has been put to use. Great job Amy.

  2. Tadaa, congratulations, eastern division patroller!
    Your mountain so flat, that you have to pull the sleds down? It’s a great cross training, then 🙂

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  4. congratulations! you look SO happy!

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