(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘rave run’ edition

My favorite thing about my new half-time hometown, Virginia Beach? The fact that after just about a minute of slow running from my front door, I reach this view:

I enjoy that view for the rest of my run, about three miles out and back on (mostly) hard-pack sand. I stop and stretch here before running the minute and a half home:


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8 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘rave run’ edition

  1. Ann

    It funny. I seldom think about my hometown, Wilmington NC. But when I see photos like this, I get so homesick. I love the smell of the ocean in the morning. I love the fishermen who don’t even realize what they are really doing is meditating. I love the feel of the sand between my toes…. Now see what you did.

  2. katekirk

    I clearly missed a chapter here…when did you move to VA Beach?

  3. Yes, I’m very curious about your fancy traveling lifestyle as well. And jealous because your pictures for the past 2 weeks have either been gorgeous beach or gorgeous skiing.

  4. Lovely! You’re always so good at appreciating whatever is before you, such a great trait.
    I know you know, but be careful about ITBS running on the beach.

  5. Liz

    Gorgeous! I love that your time is split at the beach and also plenty of time on the slopes. Makes for great pictures!

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