(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘one-track mind’ edition

The last time I was this fixated on the weather was before my first marathon, when I obsessively checked the race-day forecast in Nashville, hoping that by hitting “refresh” one more time, I would reach a screen announcing: “Weather will be optimal and performance-boosting for marathon runners, especially Amy.”

I’ve been doing the same thing with the weather forecast for Mercersburg, Penn., where below-freezing temps at night mean snow-makers can create more of a base for our little ski resort. Of course, the more snow they can make, the quicker Whitetail can open. And the quicker they open, the quicker I can get into the remainder of my ski-patrol training. And the quicker I can do that, the quicker you can stop listen to me blathering about it.

Tonight’s 36-degree forecast and tomorrow’s forecasted rain are kind of a kick in the pants … but doesn’t the snow look pretty in this webcam shot from this morning?

Photo credit: Whitetail Resort.


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6 responses to “(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday: The ‘one-track mind’ edition

  1. Hubz has also been talking about skiing lately, I’m gonna have to drag him up to Whitetail this year. Can’t wait til I can break out the snowshoes!

  2. WHAT?! Rain is in the forecast? We’re so geographically-challenged….

  3. Oooh, I want to come too! Thom learned how to ski last winter…!

  4. Pretty picture! I am scared to death of skiing. . .

  5. I hope you are skiing soon!

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