DC Hot Chocolate 15K: All over but the running

My race packet’s been picked up. My race plan is set (I didn’t say it was perfect, or even good—just that it was set). My evening plans are reasonable (Muppet movie with runner-friends, early bedtime). Even though this race is largely free of expectations (other than a desire to have present-day, 31-year-old untrained me beat 25-year-old untrained me), I’m still feeling that pre-exhaustion exhilaration unique to the day before a big race. In other words, it’s all over but the running.

Wish me luck—and be sure to send speedy vibes to present-day untrained me tomorrow morning!


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3 responses to “DC Hot Chocolate 15K: All over but the running

  1. Good luck! I love the idea that you are trying to beat your 25 year old self 🙂

  2. Good luck! Please don’t stab anybody with a fondue fork.

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